About Fuelled Appraisals

New Technology.
Same Methology.

Fuelled is a platform business, our clients are both buyers and sellers. We have deep insight into the market for energy equipment.
Our Technology

Appraisers and Platforms Coming Together.

The marketplace for energy equipment is global and unique. Equipment specifications, location and configuration are factors in determining value, among other standard factors. Our technology is our access to that data which is real time and ever changing.

Robust, Accurate Comparables Database.

Our database includes information beyond sales data such as current trends and failed transactions which add further visibility to true market value.
Beautiful reports

Perfectly Formatted Every Time.

Our reports are modern and professional and we stand behind them.
Our Core values

Setting Ourselves Apart from Traditional Appraisal Firms.

We help each other solve problems, encourage each other to grow in life, challenge each other to be better and ensure everyone makes it home safe.
We stand behind our brand, are proud of who we are, and will always do what’s right.
We conduct business naked with the lights on. Nothing to hide.
We work hard and play harder.

The Fuelled Difference

Most equipment appraisals are based off the same generic data set which often does not apply to specifically configured energy equipment. Fuelled specializes in this type of equipment and uses years of true empirical data to provide real market valuations. 

Interested in a modern, reliable appraisal?
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